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Anti Bird Spikes in Tine Factory

Best Anti Bird Spikes in Tine Factory – Cost and Types

Bird spikes are a completely effective, upkeep-free, and long-lasting answer to nuisance bird infestation. Put bird control spikes on typical bird landing surfaces such as chimneys, window sills, ledges, rooftop edges, and other areas where problem birds roost and breed. Bird deterrent spikes are a surefire way to stop pests like pigeons, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers, and other species from landing on your property, preventing pest damage and liability.

What are Anti-Bird Spikes

In order to effectively and humanely control urban nuisance birds, a variety of precision-engineered bird spikes known as Anti Bird Spikes have been developed. The upward-facing wires, sometimes known as "spikes," operate as a physical barrier to the birds, preventing them from landing or roosting on ledges without hurting them. Almost every case where spikes are appropriate has a solution thanks to the intelligent design. To keep wild or feral birds from perching or roosting, they can be fastened to building ledges, street lighting, and business signage. Birds can excrete a lot of unattractive and unclean faeces, and some species can make very loud noises that can be bothersome for neighbours, especially at night. They are therefore employed to discourage these birds without really harming or killing them.

How do Anti-Bird Spikes work?

Anti Bird Spikes function by limiting the area that birds can land on. Larger species of birds, such as crows, pigeons, and seagulls, are compelled to land elsewhere as a result. The birds are unhurt since they do not come into contact with the spikes. Anti Bird Spikes, dubbed "the most effective stand-alone bird deterrent," are used to block birds from perching on ledges, walls, plumbing, sprinkler systems, commercial signage, closed-circuit video cameras, and gutters. They are especially prevalent in urban areas and coastal regions, where pest birds are more prevalent and more likely to interact with people.

Key Features

  • Don't let pigeons roost on your property.
  • Fantastic for the majority of uses.
  • Long-lasting polycarbonate offers years of protection with no upkeep.
  • Fast Attachment - Use glue, nails, screws, cable ties, etc. , to attach rapidly.
  • Polycarbonate is transparent, making it essentially unnoticeable.
  • Mounting is flexible and is simple on surfaces that are flat, curved, or irregular.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Birds are not injured or harmed by Anti Bird Spikes.
  • Inexpensive, A sturdy plastic base costs a fraction of what stainless steel does and performs the same function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which anti-bird spike is most durable?

Ans. The most durable bird spikes are made of stainless steel, and because they are made of high tensile strength stainless steel, birds cannot simply push them aside or bend them out of shape.

Q2. Are bird spikes harmful to them?

Ans. It's crucial to understand that the purpose of spikes is not to cruelly impale birds; instead, bird spikes have sharp points that will not hurt birds. The long spikes simply prohibit the birds from roosting by fully preventing their feet from reaching the surface.

Q3. Are all birds affected by anti-bird spikes?

Ans. Spikes provide unbeatable protection for birds up to the size of pigeons, but they are ineffective against smaller species. In actuality, Bird Control Professionals never advise using spikes as a first line of defence against small birds.


We specialise in various varieties of bird and animal spikes, including stainless steel spikes with polycarbonate bases and full polycarbonate spikes made entirely of steel. Our bird spikes are expertly built from the best materials to withstand the challenging Bangalore environment.