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mosquito nets

A tent-like covering over a bed, often used widely in places where malaria and other insect-borne diseases are prevalent, to ward off the intrusion of mosquitoes and other insects. The deadly Malaria can be a fatal disease transmitted by mostly stealthy female mosquitoes that bites humans from dusk to dawn, especially while sleeping. We offer excellent quality mosquito nets In bangalore with no holes or gaps large enough to let in mosquitoes / insects to enter. They act as a sound defence against the threat of mosquitoes and ward off the effects of malaria, as well as the threat of insects like beetles, flies, spiders, etc, and ward off diseases like filarisis (massive swelling of the limbs). Our collection varies from wedge-shaped to cone-shaped / canopy-shaped, pop-up, mosquito-head, and rectangular box-style mosquito nets in single or double shape, with guidance on which of the ones fits in with your requirements of the best protection. Lightweight, tightly-fitting and compact, they are ideal for varied situations, and the best defence option against nasty mosquitoes.