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Best Bird Netting in Hennur – Types and Cost

Invading birds is one of the issues that people who live in houses with balconies and windows currently encounter most frequently. They are looking for a quick and simple solution to stop these birds from randomly strewing feathers and droppings on their balconies. One such suggested method to keep birds or pigeons away from your home's open spaces is to install bird netting. A bird net installation can only be used to its greatest potential if installed correctly. Thus, if you, too, are considering getting an anti-bird net placed in your home, here are the dos and don’ts of bird netting for your reference.

Dos and Don’t of Bird net installation


It's crucial to be aware of the following anti-bird netting installation dos to achieve the intended effects of keeping birds away from your windows and balconies:

Do thorough research on the many types of bird nets.

This holds for any installation, not simply bird netting. You need to learn about the many kinds of bird nettings offered on the market. There are various kinds of bird netting, with variations in colour, sturdiness, and mesh size.

Have access to the interior when putting in a bird net

Installation of a pigeon net on a balcony requires careful planning. Installing the bird net requires inside access, so be sure of that. You should have enough room to use your hand to enter the area outside the net. By allowing your hand to pass through an access hole, you can gain access from inside, care for the plants outside, or manage something outside the net.

Reduce tangles and maintain organization.

Be cautious to stay organized when attempting to install a bird net on your balcony yourself. To properly install the internet, keep things organised and close at hand.


After learning everything there is to know about installing bird netting, it's time to learn about some of the don'ts:

Avoid installing a bird net on a windy day

Due to their little weight, installing bird nets correctly on a windy day would be next to impossible. Thus, avoid installing bird netting on a windy day since it may become too dirty and twisted to handle for a proper installation.

Don't assume that all bird nettings are created equal

Don't assume that all bird nettings are created equal. Anti-bird net come in a variety of varieties that are sold in the market. The key here should be to identify the kinds of birds that attempt to enter your property and the kinds of things you want to keep out of the reach of the birds.

Don't Expect the Anti-Bird Netting to Be Installed Permanently

Be realistic when choosing a bird net for your balcony. It is a short-term fix for the issue of birds invading your open places. Bird netting cannot be a permanent fixture since it will eventually develop holes, sustain damage, and move from its position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Anti-bird net in Bangalore is safest?

We advise using a tightly woven net without a frame that won't catch wildlife, like the Fruit Saver, Hail Guard, or Vege Net.

How to store Anti-Bird netting?

Before rolling up, make sure the nets are dry. Keep out of direct sunlight in a dry, well-ventilated place. Store in a pest-free area.


We are delighted to assist you, whether with your question about how to install bird netting on a balcony or your need to have a anti-bird net installed on your balcony. But before getting anti-bird net installed go through the Dos and Don’ts mentioned above.